LD Carlson 5451 Hydrometer - Wine/Beer

LD Carlson 5451 Hydrometer - Wine/Beer
LD Carlson 5451 - Packaged, with instructions. A high-quality imported hydrometer at a great price. Manufactured by LD Carlson. Made in united states. 15. 5 inch long, with a solid metal base and easy-to-read 3-scale readout. Hydrometer - wine/beer. Readings idealized at 60°F. Great for wine or beer. Scales: balling: 0-38 percent potential abv: 0-22 percent specific gravity: 0

990 - 1. 170 .

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Twin Bubble Airlock and Carboy Bung Pack of 2

Home Brew Ohio U5-DOMI-5Q2S - Universal Carboy bung for any fermentation vessel. Twin bubble airlock with Carboy bung. When filled with water allows CO2 gas to bubble out and prevents air from getting in. Enclosed design allows for slower evaporation from airlock bubble. Allows for slower evaporation. Package contains 2 twin bubble airlocks and 2 universal carboy bungs that will fit 3, 5, 6 and 6.

5 gallon glass carboys.

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