Element Ocarina: Water in C Major Tenor

Element Ocarina: Water in C Major Tenor
water - 12-hole tenor ocarina. Accurately tuned in C major. Online instructional booklet included. With sound as exquisite as its design, this tenor ocarina is as soothing as the sound of a rainstorm or the flow of a trickling stream. Handcrafted in high-grade ceramic with attention to detail, the flowing lines capture the beauty of gentle currents and the soft curves of a seashell.

Water is life's matter and matrix, mother and medium. The water ocarina has been accurately tuned in the key of C major with a pitch range from A4 to F6, including flats and sharps. There is no life without water. Albert szent-gyorgyi the 12 hole water Ocarina is one in a series of ocarinas inspired by the elements that are essential to our wellbeing and existence.

Element Ocarina: Water in C Major Tenor - Part of an exquisite series of ocarinas inspired by the elements. An online instructional booklet is included with all of our ocarinas. Handcrafted from high-grade ceramic. From its ethereal design to impressive range and sound, this ocarina is true joy to play.

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Anime Songbook for 12 Hole Ocarina

Songbird Ocarina - Songs include: dragon ball z - chala head chala naruto shippuden - blue bird naruto - menmaʼs song sailor moon - moonlight revenge naruto - sadness and sorrow rurouni kenshin - kenshinʼs theme sailor moon - alanʼs flute song rurouni kenshin - departure spirited away film- always with me ponyo film - main theme soul eater - selenic soul my neighbor totoro film - main theme bleach - Alones Intro Full Metal Alchemist - Brothers Elfen Lied - Lilium Cowboy Bebop - Green Bird Inuyasha - Soul Piper Song Fruits Basket - Main Theme Pokemon 2000 - Lugiaʼs Theme Inuyasha - Fate of Awakening Love Escaflowne - Soraʼs Theme Cardcaptor Sakura - Tomoyoʼs Song Death Note - Lʼs Theme Neon Genesis Evangelion - Cruel Angelʼs Thesis Intro One Piece - Akiisuʼs Music Box Naruto - Loneliness Clannad - Dango Daikozoku Ending Theme Dragon Ball Z - Tapionʼs Theme Pokémon - Jigglypuffʼs Lullaby Fairy Tale - Happyʼs Theme Fairy Tale - Main Theme One Piece - Binkʼs Sake Macross Frontier - Nyan Nyan Song Detailed Ocarina Tabs.

Anime Songbook for 12 Hole Ocarina - Featuring over 30 of the most popular songs and themes from the genre, the songbook also has cover art by award winning comic book artist, Daniela Winkler. Sized for easy travel 5. 5" long X 8. 5" tall. This is our first book of Anime songs and themes for the 12 hole style ocarina. Over 30 songs. Features cover art by award winning artist, Daniela Winkler.

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