Double Ocarina From Legend of Zelda

Double Ocarina From Legend of Zelda
STL Ocarina STL-9053 - It is about 5 inches long, accurately tune in the key of C Major, with a pitch range of two octaves from A4 to C7. Includes a Protective Bag. Neck strap. You will also get a zelda songbooks, which include songs from Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, and Wind Walker, for free. We have included a complete fingering chart of this ocarina.

Includes Zelda Songbook Volume One. Very easy to Play. Learn to play zelda songs like link! Everything you need to start playing an ocarina is included!! Includes a Complete Fingering Chart. It also has the capability of playing sharps and flats. This instrument is a brand new ceramic ocarina.

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Night By Noble Plastic Ocarina AC Black

N/N-プラACB - It is the characteristic musical instrument. The musical instrument made by ceramics of round shape and the square shape is called an ocarina if I look worldwide and there is many it and exists. It differs from the wind instrument in a pronunciation principle. A thing of the teardrop-formed form is the most common.

It features the tone that is mellow with simplicity. The ocarina is one of horn,.

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