9999 water filter - 2 PACK White - Advanced Filtration - ULТRАWF Water Filter

9999 water filter - 2 PACK White - Advanced Filtration - ULТRАWF Water Filter
Aqua Drop filters - . 1. 9 lpm/05 gpm compatible with a tight seal and fits all original refrigerator models by frig|idaire, 242017800, profes|sional, frigi|daire ga|llery, french Door & Side By Side Refrigerators U|LTRAWF and Ken|more part # 9999 469999, 242017801 and more! Our premium aqua drop water filters last up to 6 months at only a fraction of the cost from OEM filters with the same certified filtration quality standards that you expect for you and your family.

Working pressure.

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AF Brand Refrigerator Air Filter Replacement Compatible With Frigidaire Pure Air Ultra, Also Fits Electrolux, Compare to Part Number EAFCBF, PAULTRA, 242061001, 241754001, SP-FRAIR

AF FBA_PAULTRAa - Compare to part number eafcbf, 241754004, paultra, 242061001, SP-FRAIR. Replace every 6 months for a fresh clean refrigerator. Superior replacement contains more activated carbon and zeolite than OEM. Filter helps to remove odors from your refrigerator utilizing activated carbon and zeolite for superior odor suppression.

Made to replace - this filter is comparable to oem part's numbers EAFCBF PAULTRA 242061001 241754001. Solely made in the USA by All-Filters, Inc. Filters should be replaced at least every 6 months to maintain refrigerator freshness. High quality filters made to fit for compatibility with the Frigidaire Pure Air Ultra Compatible Air Purifying Filter.

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